Strengths Management A Service of EarthAsylum Consulting
and Kevin Burkholder

Strengths Based Performance Management


"Great managers think differently about developing their people

they focus on their strengths."


Imagine working every day at that which you are best; at that which matches your personal style and your inborn talents; at that which energizes you and utilizes your best strengths.


All too often, organizations focus on weaknesses - on remediation of faults and failures - rather than on strengths and talent. Weaknesses must be identified and overcome, but they cannot be the focus for growth.


Our approach to organizational development centers on talent, values, and personality. By discovering each person’s strengths, incorporating them into their daily activities, and working around their weaknesses, each individual can achieve undiscovered performance and satisfaction, become fully engaged in their work, and add to the accomplishments of their organization at levels far beyond current expectations.


Employee enthusiasm, commitment, personal responsibility, and accountability are crucial elements to the success of any business. Engaged employees are builders. They perform at consistently high levels. They want to use their talents and strengths at work every day. They work with passion, they have an instinctive bond with their company, and they drive innovation and move their organization forward.


A successful performance management plan is directed towards the individual and is centered on individual strengths. By developing plans and actions geared to drive up intrinsic motivation, and thus engagement, We will help you obtain your goals and reach new levels of success.

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Strengths Based Performance Management
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