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Strengths Based Performance ManagementStrengths Based Performance Management By discovering each person’s strengths, incorporating them into their daily activities, and working around their weaknesses, each individual can achieve undiscovered performance and satisfaction, become fully engaged in their work, and add to the accomplishments of their organization at levels far beyond current expectations. Code Of EthicsCode Of Ethics All IMC USA members pledge in writing to abide by the Institute's Code Ethics. Their adherence to the Code signifies voluntary assumption of self-discipline. Contact InformationContact Information Receive a free initial consultation to discuss your business needs and how Kevin can improve performance, employee engagement and overall company growth. The EarthAsylum BlogThe EarthAsylum Blog EarthAsylum Leadership Circle Weblog RSS feed of most recent articles on Leadership, Management, Strengths based performance, and Employee engagement. The EarthAsylum NewsletterThe EarthAsylum Newsletter The EarthAsylum Leadership Circle Newsletter. Published monthly on topics such as leadership & management practices, strengths based performance and Employee engagement. Gallup Management JournalGallup Management Journal Gallup Management Journal (GMJ) RSS feeds -> Strengths-Based Development | Employee Engagement | Customer Engagement | Individual Performance | Organizational Performance | Performance Management | Leadership It's all about productivityIt's all about productivity When people are accountable, and they know what their performance expectations and consequences are, they will take responsibility for meeting those expectations. If a manager doesn't know what to do or doesn't have time, she will find out what to do and make time. Kevin Burkholder & EarthAsylum Press ArticlesKevin Burkholder & EarthAsylum Press Articles Recent Articles and Press Releases -> Management Lessons From Tiger Woods -Tiger Woods, one of the longest drivers on the tour, pulled out the big club just once in the four days of the prestigious tournament. Newsvine ColumnNewsvine Column EarthAsylum Newsvine Column - Read and Discuss Articles Posted at Our ServicesOur Services Dedicated to Leadership and Strengths Based Performance -> Strengths Based Performance Management | Leadership and Management Consulting | Executive, Managerial, and Personal Coaching | Information Technology Management The Power of Employee Engagement (1of2)The Power of Employee Engagement (1of2) Engagement goes beyond the good employee or the good company citizen. Employee engagement is the extent to which employees put discretionary effort into their work, in the form of extra time, energy and brainpower. The Power of Employee Engagement (2of2)The Power of Employee Engagement (2of2) When companies are often trying to improve performance with fewer people and decreasing resources due to cutbacks and financial pressures, discretionary effort is the grail managers are seeking. Employees who freely give that extra effort are of tremendous value. Professional Biography of Kevin BurkholderProfessional Biography of Kevin Burkholder Kevin Burkholder is a business consultant dedicated to leadership and strengths based performance. Kevin’s goal is to help companies and individuals achieve both greater performance and personal fulfillment by focusing on individual talent. Strengths, Talent and the One ThingStrengths, Talent and the One Thing "Discover what you don’t like doing and stop doing it" - The more effective you are at this, the more creative, resilient, valuable, and thus the more successful you are. Quit the role, tweak the role, seek out the right partners, or find an aspect of the role that brings you strength. The longer you put up with aspects of your work you don’t like, the less successful you will be. So, as far as you are able, and as quickly as you can, stop doing them and then see what the best of you, now focused and unfettered, can achieve. The Strengths RevolutionThe Strengths Revolution Rather than spending time and energy on boosting sub-par performance areas to an acceptable level (and ignoring areas of excellence). We do better by spending a majority of time enhancing the areas in which we are already strong. The Value of Empowerment (1of2)The Value of Empowerment (1of2) What happens when you try to empower a group of employees who have never been empowered before? It depends on their comfort level. It’s much easier to say “no, I’m more comfortable (and safer) to wait to be told what to do; to wait for instruction”. Then again, others may be eager to jump at the chance. They know what needs to be done, why wait? The Value of Empowerment (2of2)The Value of Empowerment (2of2) One of the beauties of the six levels of empowerment is that it can be the basis of an employee development program. When you look at empowerment as an active plan and work to bring employees up the ladder and to also bring your willingness and trust up the same ladder, you can see just how powerful empowerment can be. What Are your StrengthsWhat Are your Strengths So we just don’t get it. Or maybe we get it, we just don’t know what to do with it. Many of you may have heard my criticism in the past that all of the books from Gallup and Buckingham that focus on strengths always tell us what we need to do – but they don’t tell us how to do it. I think that’s where we get stuck. It makes sense, but how do we implement a strengths based performance program? What does it mean to “discover your strengths”? How can I focus on my strengths when I have to get this (whatever “this” may be) done today?

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